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Total Animal Care LLC
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Established 1996

Cynthia Tallia, Owner ichthus
Insured & Bonded with Excellent References
Vet Experience & Vet Recommended
Member, Pet Sitters International & NoVa Professional Petsitters NETWORK

Total Animal Care was established in Brussels, Belgium by Cynthia Tallia in 1996.

Cynthia has always had a love for animals. While her High School friends were babysitting small children in her neighborhood, she was babysitting her neighbors' pets.

Cynthia worked at the Pender Veterinary Center in various capacities in 1998 to hone her pet-care skills under the supervision of Drs. Johnson and Powell. She has experience as a surgical assistant, vet assistant & kennel assistant for both canine/feline as well as exotic pets with Dr. Stahl. Her references are outstanding from both previous employers as well as her present-day clients.

Total Animal Care LLC is an All Pets and House Sitting service catering to clients traveling out of town on business or pleasure on a Daily Visit or Overnight Stay basis as well as our popular Weekly Mid-Day Walks for our working clients. We also offer In-Professional Petsitters' Home Care and Doggie Day Care.

TAC's main objective is to provide your loved ones with the very best in loving professional care & affection that only TAC offers while you are away. We walk/run, feed/water, administer meds/shots, brush, clean ears, polish teeth with the TLC that TAC offers. We collect your mail/newspapers, refuse bins, water your indoor & outdoor plants, intercept Fed-Ex packages, rotate your night lights & blinds and offer many other services.

TAC also offers individual House Sitting services while you are away. Making daily inspection visits of your home; ultimately, giving you the reassurance that your home is safe while you are away.

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